Tina Tahir is a visual artist whose work explores the relationships between Everyday Objects, Materiality, and Décor. Her temporal installations were shown at Gallery 400, the Hyde Park Art Center, Threewalls, Sector 2337, all in Chicago,  SCA Contemporary Art & Artlab, Albuquerque, The Project Space, Banff, CA, and  the Venice Arsenale, IT. She received an MFA in Studio from the University of Illinois at Chicago and an MA in Visual and Critical Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

My work explores the poetics of everyday decorative objects, materiality, and in a larger sense, the often rancorous relationship between ornamentation and art. To what extent, for example, does décor embody a political agency that reaches beyond ornament’s status  as a marker of taste, fashion, and culture? Seen in the larger context, my production strives to be a manifesto against the notion of the sacred art object, for I make these elaborate pieces only to watch them come undone again. The tapestries in a way become temporary dwellers, nomads, or squatters, who briefly transform a given space, while they are simultaneously being changed under the footsteps of the audience. The public thus becomes an indispensable collaborator in my work: They embody the nightly unraveling of the shroud.